Vacant Offices

We combine the best to achieve ambitious goals. The company`s specialists have many years of experience in creating that change cities and make the lives of their residents more comfortable. If you want to change the world with us, join the SAGA Development team!


Task: delivery of documents within the city.

We see a person in this position:

  • responsible and decent,
  • punctual and operational,
  • knowing the city and able to optimize routes.

Working conditions:

  • part-time or full-time employment,
  • flexible work schedule: from 9:00 - 13:00 / 14: 00-19: 00/09: 00-19: 00,
  • stable and competitive remuneration

Travel expenses are covered by the company.

Junior lawyer

Main responsibilities:

  • Work under contracts of work / supply / provision of services in construction, including verification, registration, storage;
  • Sightings and signing of documents by the company management, communication with contractors;
  • Legal correspondence;
  • Drafting legal documents and performing tasks of a legal nature;
  • Search, analysis and generalization of legislation and judicial practice.

Our expectations from candidates:

  • Higher specialized education;
  • Thorough knowledge of business / civil / corporate law;
  • Knowledge of the Microsoft Office package, the ability to work with open registers (EDRPOU, Unified Register of Court Decisions, ASVP, Public Cadastral Map of Ukraine, etc.);
  • Knowledge of legal terminology and correct spelling;
  • Ability to conduct business correspondence and high communication skills;
  • Skills of legal examination of contracts;
  • Basic understanding of the process of negotiating and signing contracts in a construction organization;
  • Proactiveness and attention to detail;
  • Professional motivation, responsibility, analytical mind.


We offer:

  • Official employment;
  • Professional development and decent remuneration;
  • Participation in unique projects.
Architectural Project Coordinator

Main responsibilities:

  • Accompanying reviews of architectural concepts
  • Communication with the general designer and contractors
  • Coordination of ordering sales documents
  • Processing and loading into the ERP system of the text / graphic part of sales documentation for use by stakeholders
  • Consulting marketing and sales departments on the account of TEPs, sizes, layouts, visualization
  • Contract work
  • Checking and submitting weekly registers of payments

Our expectations:

  • Higher specialized education
  • Experience in positions with similar responsibilities
  • Ability to read blueprints
  • Knowledge of workflow in construction
  • Knowledge of Ukrainian legislation
  • Free profile software products

We offer:

  • Participation in innovative projects
  • Opportunities for professional implementation and development
  • Decent and timely payment
  • Modern office

The main responsibilities of an accountant:

  • Collecting, conducting and monitoring the correctness of execution of primary documents (expense and tax invoices, acts of work performed)
  • Posting bank statements, entering accounts
  • Formation of applications and processing of payments
  • Accounting for settlements with counterparties
  • Preparation of data for management reporting


Our expectations from the candidate:

  • Higher education
  • Successful work experience of at least 2 years in positions with similar responsibilities
  • Knowledge of accounting standards
  • High level of proficiency in specialized software products (1C, ERP)
  • Ability to work with a large volume of workflow
  • Mindfulness and self-organization


We offer:

  • Official employment
  • Professional development and decent remuneration
  • Participation in unique projects.
Financial project manager

Main responsibilities:

  • control of the project budget,
  • creation and updating of the structure of contracts for the project (design, construction, approval),
  • maintaining archives of contracts for the project,
  • drawing up financing plans for the project,
  • control of drawing up applications for payment and registers of payments,
  • control of payments, advances and debts in the context of contracts,
  • maintenance of cumulative statements for projects in the context of contracts by item of expenditure,
  • preparation of reports for the project manager and company management.



Our expectations from candidates:

  • higher specialized education,
  • experience in a similar position,
  • the skills of drawing up construction estimates will be an advantage,
  • confident knowledge of 1C: ERP, Excel,
  • professional motivation, responsibility, analytical mind.


We offer:

  • official employment,
  • professional development and decent remuneration,
  • participation in unique projects.

Basic requirements for candidates:

  • successful experience in recruiting from 2 years;
  • the ability to identify the needs of the customer and draw up a portrait of the ideal candidate;
  • knowledge of the basic methods of search and selection of personnel;
  • the ability to build timely, correct and friendly communication with candidates;
  • interest to represent the interests of the company with dignity and quality;
  • level of English proficiency not lower than Intermediate;
  • attentiveness and self-organization;
  • high level of professional motivation.


Responsibilities of a recruiter:

  • providing a full recruiting cycle;
  • support of candidates at all stages of selection;
  • providing timely and high-quality feedback to candidates;
  • support at a decent level and participation in the further development of the employer's brand;
  • organization of onboarding for new team members;
  • preparation of HR analytics;
  • ensuring the automation of all business processes of the unit.

We offer:

  • interesting and dynamic work in a large development company;
  • opportunities for self-realization and professional development;
  • decent and timely wages;
  • modern office in the city center.

If you are determined to work for the result and are interested in developing together with a professional team, we are waiting for your resume with a cover letter to understand your expectations and motivation.

Real Estate Sales Manager (Pre-Sales Manager)

Basic requirements for candidates:

  • successful experience in communications;
  • interest in the real estate market and the desire to develop in this area;
  • the ability to clearly and competently formulate your thoughts;
  • ability to listen and receive feedback;
  • the ability to convincingly present information;
  • attentiveness and self-organization;
  • high level of professional motivation.

Responsibilities of the Pre-Sales Manager:

  • promptly and efficiently respond to all customer requests;
  • identify customer needs and present the company's facilities over the phone;
  • convey information about the key advantages of projects, architectural and infrastructural features;
  • schedule client meetings with sales managers;
  • record information on the results of work in the CRM system.

We offer:

  • individual training and adaptation in the position;
  • financial stability and competitive income level;
  • opportunities for professional development;
  • standardized work schedule and 5-day work week.

If you are determined to work for the result and are interested in building a career in the sale of primary real estate, we look forward to your resume and we will be happy to create unique projects together!

Head of construction projects


  • expertise, management and development of projects from scratch;
  • quality control and timing of design work;
  • development of a construction concept, participation in design;
  • cost optimization, budgeting and planning;
  • scheduling of volumes and justification of the cost of construction and installation works;
  • operational and financial control;
  • project team management;
  • control over the implementation of construction and installation works;
  • coordination of work of contractors, participation in tender procedures.

Primary requirements:

  • higher education;
  • education in project management will be an advantage;
  • experience in implementing projects in the field of residential real estate from "0" to commissioning as a manager;
  • flexibility in decision making;
  • dedication and high level of motivation in professional development;
  • independence in decision making.


We offer:

  • participation in unique projects;
  • opportunities for professional development;
  • timely and competitive wages.
Real Estate Sales Manager

SAGA Development invites into its team cheerful and professional people who are in love with our city and strive to be involved in creating a new history with us. We are implementing such significant projects for Kiev as RYBALSKY, CHICAGO Central House, NEW YORK Concept House, etc.

Our ideal candidate quickly navigates in any situation, knows how to quickly find a common language with clients, enjoys multitasking and active communications, is interested in the real estate market.

Basic requirements for candidates:

  • Successful experience in sales;
  • Desire to develop in real estate;
  • Possession of basic sales techniques and negotiation skills;
  • Ability to clearly and competently present information;
  • Knowledge of the residential real estate market in Kiev;
  • Mindfulness and self-organization;
  • High level of professional motivation.

Responsibilities of a sales manager:

  • Professional interaction and identification of customer needs;
  • High-quality presentation of the construction site and organization of viewing;
  • Consulting and accompanying clients at all stages of sales;
  • Conclusion of contracts for the sale of real estate;
  • Fixing information in CRM.

We offer:

  • Individual training and adaptation in the position;
  • Financial stability and competitive income level;
  • Opportunities for professional development;
  • Participation in unique projects;
  • Normalized work schedule and 5-day work week.

If you want to work for the result and build a career in the sale of primary real estate, we are waiting for your resume and we will be happy to create unique projects together!

Technical Supervision Engineer


  • higher engineering and technical education;
  • technical supervision engineer certificate;
  • high level of PC proficiency (knowledge of MS Office, Project, AutoCAD);
  • work experience of at least 3 years in a similar position in the construction industry.


Professional skills:

  • knowledge of construction technologies (commercial and civil construction);
  • knowledge of the regulatory framework in the construction industry (SNiP, DBN, DSTU).



  • on behalf of the customer, technical supervision over the implementation of construction and installation works in accordance with the project documentation;
  • control over the timing of construction and installation work;
  • quality control of materials;
  • identification of defects, errors, participation in carrying out geodetic works and drawing up acts;
  • accounting of all changes and additions to design and estimate documentation;
  • maintenance of accompanying documentation;
  • anticipation of marriage and quality control of building materials, equipment, implementation of technical acceptance of intermediate and completed work;
  • generating reports, issuing conclusions and recommendations.


We offer:

  • participation in unique projects;
  • professional Development;
  • decent and timely reward.