We invite you to the main event of September – CANactions International Architecture Festival 2021!

This year, the architectural festival CANaction gathers guests at one of the most beautiful rooftops in Kiev - on the roof of Kooperativ. Traditionally, SAGA acts as a partner of the event and invites you to the main architectural event of September.

Already this Saturday, September 18, you will find a super-rich program with panel discussions, exhibitions, presentation of a book and lectures from speakers from Ukraine, the Netherlands, Denmark and Luxembourg.

The theme of the festival is Homes for Tomorrow. During the day, urban experts and architects will discuss housing issues and changes that will affect it in the future.

In 2020, when due to the pandemic the whole world was forced to stay at home, it was housing that became the measure of our living comfort. For a while, the house turned into a multifunctional space for work, rest, development and communication. This allowed us to take a fresh look at our home, understand the importance of the conditions in which we live, and highlight their main problems.

Everyone needs housing - a key thesis that the festival participants will rely on. How can you live happier? How to live together? How to attract world experience to Ukrainian and other local realities? We will hear the answers to these and other questions on Saturday.

Tickets can be purchased via the link or at the entrance on the day of the festival.

See you at CANaction!