How modern technologies personify services in a residential building

Speaking at Kyiv Smart City Forum 2018, held on October 31 in Kyiv, SAGA Development SEO Andriy Vavrysh told how innovative property management technologies make it possible to personalize services for residents while making them as comfortable and easy to use as possible

"The city is a service for residents. But today this service is on the way to standardize its functions. It is not tailored to the needs of each person, but rather aims to educate "consumers" to a single value or single approach. With its projects, SAGA Development has shown that it is possible to change the situation."

"Customize the city for yourself" became the key idea not only during the performance of Andriy Vavrysh, but also the main principle that allowed the company to become a trendsetter in the field of development in two years.

Thanks to the introduction of the "Smart Home" modern technologies in the residential complex maintenance, any resident can avoid the manifestations of incompetence or complexity of the bureaucratic system of today's local building-utilities administrator offices.

To do this, the company has developed a property management ecosystem, in which the SFERA living system mobile application occupies the main place. It is the only Management Centre through which residents can promptly address issues related to their comfort. Remotely open the door to the house, pay utility bills in two clicks, order cleaning services or call plumbing: these mobile app features are available to the user 24/7.

According to the SAGA Development SEO, this is a kind of Uber for the resident that allows you to integrate the Smart Home features with your smartphone

"The integration of modern technologies is a new trend that, together with energy efficiency, will change people's habits and their vision of comfortable living. But, most importantly, such integration will change the essence of relations between all subjects of urban economy", said Andriy Vavrysh.

The SAGA Development has a plan to scale the ecosystem. Just like a house, a city is first and foremost a personalization. The Smart Technologies developed by the company will allow you to customize for each resident first a house, and then the whole city.

The Kyiv Smart City Forum was held in Kyiv for the third time. The Event will promote Smart Technologies and implementation of innovative solutions in the infrastructure of modern cities. The Forum was held on October 31 at the "Parkovy" Exhibition Centre and brought together the best architects, urbanists, representatives of technology companies, major Ukrainian and international experts in the field of urban development. The Forum program consisted of six sections, attended by about 50 speakers.