We fulfill the reqiremennt of Pechersk RSA to bring the site on Vilshanska, 2-6 in a safe condition

During 2019-2020, the Pechersk district administration repeatedly appealed to the user of the land plot on the street Vilshanska, 2-6 with the requirement to bring the territory to the proper sanitary condition. SAGA Development shares the concerns of the Pechersk Regional State Administration regarding the condition of the land plot for a number of reasons.

First, as a result of the cessation of construction work, the construction site was not properly preserved: the work on the installation of soil anchors was not completed, and they are constantly subject to corrosion and dynamic impact of the slope mass. The situation is complicated by regular soil leaching due to the lack of drainage systems and rainwater drainage.

During hydrogeological research in 2007, landslide-prone processes were identified. The expert report states that the slope is landslide and the site is landslide-prone and requires properly organized protection against the negative effects of surface waters.

It is obvious that the work on strengthening the slope has changed the sliding mirror, and experts are still observing landslide-prone processes. We intend to conduct additional research to identify corrosion processes and be sure to acquaint the city and the community with their results.

Secondly, the land is not fenced and poses a threat to pedestrians who may accidentally enter the area in the dark. In addition, the site is used as a playground for young people, which also poses a risk of serious injury with fatal consequences.

Third, antisocial citizens have access to the site, it is a place of concentration of antisocial activities.

SAGA Development has no right to rely on the fate of a case where a coincidence will lead to irreparable fatal consequences.

Therefore, regardless of the intentions to use the site, we are obliged to take measures to complete the conservation, maintain the retaining wall and the entire area in proper sanitary condition and ensure good neighborly relations with all surrounding land users.

As a conscientious land user, we comply with the requirements of the law and the decision of the Kyiv City Council dated 25.12.2008 № 1051/1051 “On the rules of improvement of the city of Kyiv” and undertake to ensure the proper condition of the site.