The first store of the new ULTRAMARKET chain was opened in SAN FRANCISCO Creative House

SAGA Development is lucky to work with companies that share our values and approaches to project development, so our partnership ecosystem is constantly replenished with cool participants. Recently, a new chain of grocery supermarkets and hypermarkets ULTRAMARKET joined the dream team of SAGA Development partners.

Yesterday, SAN FRANCISCO Creative House hosted the opening of its first store in Kiev.

ULTRAMARKET is located on the first floor of the building and occupies 2850 m². The store with its own cafe of Pan-Asian cuisine is made in the thematic design and the concept of Health, Craft, Farm, Local.

“ULTRA means “more than” and metaphorically demonstrates the dynamics and diversity of the assortment. The format changed several times before the start of the project. New trends have emerged in retail: we need to pay more attention to customer experience, thematic design and special conceptual zones, ”explains Oleg Vishnyakov, founder of the ULTRAMARKET chain.

When choosing a store operator, we were looking for a retail network that would be able to provide the residents of our home and the surrounding area with high-quality products and services in a modern “at home” format.

“ULTRAMARKET helps to bring the concept of a 15-minute city to SAN FRANCISCO Creative House. Residents, office employees, neighbors from other houses can walk up to 15 minutes and make purchases. Thus, the supermarket significantly improves the infrastructure of the entire district, helps to reduce travel time and reduce the load on public transport and city infrastructure, ”says Andrey Vavrysh, founder of SAGA Development.

When creating the thematic design of the first store, the ULTRAMARKET team used a mixed style. There are no typical and visually identical departments in the trading floor, all zones differ in style, materials and even sign fonts, but are connected by a single idea with an emphasis on environmental friendliness and craft.

A lot of wood was used in the design, painting on the walls, and each department has its own art objects. For example, at the entrance to the supermarket, guests are greeted by a huge tree as a symbol of the main idea of sustainable products in the departments of farm and organic vegetables and fruits, farm meat and delicacies. In the fish section, you can see a school of fish, large rolling pins in your own bakery, or a huge marshmallow in the bakery section.

As part of the concept of Health, Craft, Farm, Local, the chain also launched its own brand THE LOCAL FOOD. ULTRAMARKET began to cooperate with local manufacturers on special terms, thereby supporting small businesses. The accents of the format are made on the fresh zone, organic and craft products, healthy food and farm delicacies. In addition to cooking, pizza, bread and pastries of its own production, the supermarket has a Pan-Asian cafe.

We are very impressed with this approach. Even at the design stage of our house, we wanted it to include a modern supermarket, where residents and office workers could buy fresh vegetables and fruits, choose high-quality goods and order dishes to go.