SAGA City Space started sale of apartments

Podil is a special district on the map of Kyiv. It is loved by the locals and the guests of the capital choose it as a mandatory location for walks. Podil is saturated with points of attraction – cultural, architectural monuments, historical buildings, conceptual institutions. It is here, on the main pedestrian street of this district, we are constructing a new SAGA City Space building, where a sale of apartments have already been started.

The SAGA City Space is located on 18 Sahaidachnoho Str. When designing the project, we took into account the peculiarities of Podil and are creating a building that will enhance the synergy of the Old City.

According to the architectural concept developed by Drozdov & Partners Bureau, the building will have a different height: three floors are projected along Sahaidachnoho Str., so as not to disturb the architectural ensemble of the historic street, the height of the building from the courtyard will reach seven floors.

The facade decoration is made of a perforated brickwork, which, depending on the time of a day, will change the appearance of the building. The glass structures overlooking Sahaidachnoho Str. will be illuminated in the evening and will make the facade look active – it will be interesting for passers-by to look at the transparent shop-window and observe the activity indoors.

Commercial premises for offices, co-working and restaurants are designed in the three-storey part of the building. Given the status of a pedestrian street, new infrastructure will be in high demand here and will become popular public spaces.

The peculiarity of the SAGA City Space is a limited collection of apartments with exclusive interiors from Italian designers. The future owners will not have to solve a bunch of repair issues – all apartments already have their own style, are furnished, decorated and equipped with household appliances. According to the designers, each of the interior styles is named after the famous artist – Kazymyr Malevych, Jackson Pollock and Vasyl Kandinskyi.

In total, the building provides 21 apartments with a floor space ranging from 41 sq.m. to 157 sq.m. They are designed in a seven-storey part of the building and will have unique views over the Dnipro slopes and St. Andrew's Church.

There is an underground parking for cars in the SAGA City Space.

A modern security system will be installed for the privacy of the residents of the building: video surveillance, IP-intercoms, electronic keys.

You can find out more about our new project from the sales managers at the following address: 44 Antonovycha Str.