Closer to nature: O2 City Village launched sales of apartments

When the love of nature and the desire to live in the city become one criterion choosing a place to live, we offer a healthy compromise in this matter - the O2 City Village residential area. It is located in the forest and at the same time in Kyiv. Address: Kharkovske highway, 22 km.

Sales of apartments are already open in the residential area, so you can be one of the first to become its resident.

O2 City Village is located next to O2 Residence, but will differ from it with a smaller number of floors, fewer apartments and fewer residents. Here you adhere to the philosophy of slow living and learn from nature to live in harmony with what surrounds you: with the forest, lake, birds and animals.

Unique format

Is it possible to understand the concept of the project by its name? In SAGA Development, yes. Developing the naming of a house or district, we immediately determine its format and talk about the main values.

In the new project, we are implementing the City Village or Urban Village format. It appeared in the middle of the last century and today is more popular than ever: more and more residents are striving to move from big cities closer to nature and at the same time use the same rich infrastructure that they used in the metropolis.

O2 City Village will be a healthy solution in this matter. The area is located among the picturesque forest and next to the lake and will have all the conditions for life, work, recreation and health care.

Own infrastructure

The first thing we took care of was the infrastructure for children. O2 City Village provides a kindergarten, a development studio, a school and sports sections. In the morning, parents will need only 5 minutes to take their child to a class or group, and about the same time to get to the workplace - there will also be coworking spaces on the territory of the houses.

Residents will be able to withdraw money from an ATM, pay bills or solve other banking issues at a bank branch that will open in O2 City Village. You can receive or send a parcel at the post office. An insurance department will also operate in the area.

In O2 City Village, we paid attention to the beauty infrastructure and health facilities. In addition to beauty salons, massage studios, a pharmacy and a dental office, the area provides a detox clinic with a total area of ​​​​more than 1800 m² and a hotel with a spa center with an area of ​​2800 m².

For recreation in O2 City Village, we will equip a barbecue area, a beach and a promenade for walking. For sports - playgrounds with modern equipment and a sports club.

And, of course, the entire infrastructure of O2 Residence will be available to residents - with cafes, restaurants, shops and an eco-farm.

By choosing O2 City Village, you are choosing the slow living philosophy. You don't need to rush, because everything you need is right next to you.

Architecture integrated into the natural environment

At O2 City Village we learn that man is part of nature, not a consumer of it. It was this idea that was reflected in the architectural concept of the Ukrainian studio BURØ.

All houses are very tactfully integrated into the natural environment. Facade decoration is made of natural materials and has simple lines, and the height of the quarters does not exceed trees and reaches only 4 floors.

The architects paid special attention to the area's view of the lake and the forest, which is why all apartments have panoramic windows. For a better view of the embankment and pine trees, the houses have layouts with terraces.

If you want to live close to nature and enjoy all the benefits of a modern city, choose O2 City Village. Two-, three- and four-room apartments are designed in its houses. You can get acquainted with the layouts in the sales department at the address: 22 km of Kharkovske highway. You can make an appointment with our managers by calling (044) 290 86 14.