SAGA Rent – a new win-win service for owners and tenants of commercial real estate SAGA Development

The main news this fall! We have launched a new service for owners and tenants of commercial real estate in our buildings — SAGA Rent. From now on, you can delegate all questions about how to rent or lease premises to our manager.

We will provide the best conditions for renting commercial premises:

  • If you are the owner of commercial real estate in one of our projects, we will select a tenant and help your investment work to the maximum.
  • If you are just planning to rent a room in one of our houses, we will choose the project and room that best suits the goals and characteristics of your business.
  • If you are only considering investing in commercial real estate — we will offer you a room with a tenant and a certain rate of return.

We created SAGA Rent to provide our customers with the highest possible level of service and at the same time provide residents with quality infrastructure.

Even after the facility is put into operation, we do our best to make it multifunctional and sustainable, and the companies that open their business here are in demand and have high profitability.

"Until now, there was a practice on the market when developers sold commercial premises, and their owners had to look for tenants themselves. Due to this approach, the infrastructure in housing and communal services was often of poor quality and did not fully meet the needs of residents. This, in turn, led to frequent changes of tenants and reduced profitability of commercial real estate, — says the head of commercial real estate sales SAGA Development Lilia Pivneva. — We want our projects to be as sustainable as possible, moreover, we see a demand for sustainability of their business from investors and potential tenants who come to us. SAGA Rent's main mission is to find a win-win solution for all parties and create the infrastructure that a residential complex or area really needs”.

Currently, the SAGA Rent service is available in projects that have already been commissioned or are in the commissioning phase — these are CHICAGO Central House, RYBALSKY, SAN FRANCISCO Creative House, EINSTEIN Concept House and BRISTOL Comfort House.

Want to know more about the new service? Go to the project sites and call the numbers listed on the pages.