SAGA Development together with Kooperativ holds an exhibition of Ukrainian sculpture and public art INTERACTION

Promoting art and talking about its importance in the ecosystem of the modern city is one of the priorities of our company, so we are happy to support cultural events and projects that help achieve this goal. One of such projects, which we initiated together with Kooperativ, was an exhibition of contemporary Ukrainian sculpture and public art INTERACTION.

This Friday, July 23, it will open on the roof of Kooperativ and will run until September 15.  

Why is the exhibition dedicated? Art in the modern city is a theme that runs through the entire exhibition.

Every day Ukrainian cities change. The number of their inhabitants is increasing. Space acquires new features and functions. Such transformations change the current ecosystem of the city and force to rethink the relationship of man with nature and the ecological relationship with each other.

As a developer, we feel these changes and want to show that there is always a place for art in all the processes of city transformation and in our interaction with it.

On the roof of the Kooperativ space, the exposition is located in the center of Kyiv and above it at the same time. It is dynamic: the location of the exhibits changes, new participants are added. Currently among them are Anton Logov, Alevtina Kakhidze, Anna Naduda, Yegor Antsygin, Margarita Zhuranova and Bohdan Lokatyr, Roman Minin and a group of street artists NAMLES.

URBAN ART WEEKEND, a two-day series of discussions and lectures on ecology, urban planning and art, to which we invite everyone, will also take place within the framework of the INTERACTION project on the roof of Kooperativ. The event will take place on July 24 and 25. The program includes a curatorial tour of the exhibition, discussions about the new buildings of Kyiv, a workshop on mapping the capital, as well as conversations about the city, art and the future.

Start at 15:00. Admission is free subject to prior registration.

Details of the URBAN ART WEEKEND program at the link.

Come on! There will be a lot of useful information, networking and interesting performances.