SAGA Development will conduct extensive research in the leading educational institutions of Kiev

Our main goal is to make Kiev one of the most comfortable citiy in the world. World urbanization processes are developing in such a way that, according to futurologists, in 50 years there will be 600 cities in the world instead of 200 countries. And these cities will compete for human capital.

Therefore, a comfortable city is, among other things, a city that can compete for the best students, provide them with high-quality educational services and provide world-class jobs so that future graduates are proud to stay in Ukraine.

Together with partners represented by leading educational institutions, we have already begun work on a qualitative transformation of educational institutions. Examples of this are the modern educational building of the National Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and the innovative school on Rybalsky.

Now we are exploring the possibility of joining such a transformation of higher educational institutions in Ukraine, in particular, through the creation of modern campuses and a joint search for international partners. This is our duty and our social responsibility, which will contribute to the sustainable development of the city and its qualitative transformations.