SAGA Development becomes a holding company and creates a Supervisory Board

Oksana Voinalovich (Movchan) became the CEO of the created holding. Andrey Vavrysh, co-founder and owner of the company, headed the Supervisory Board.

For 5 years of work on the market, SAGA Development business has grown 5 times. According to research conducted by GRADUS Research in 2021, the company is one of the five most recognizable developers among consumers, and according to the analytical center of the company M4U, the market share occupied by SAGA Development in terms of real estate sales in 2021 was 5%.

“The new corporate governance structure is connected with my desire to redistribute my efforts to control operations in new directions and projects, attract investments and strategic development,” explains Andrey Vavrish. “I am sure that Oksana Voinalovich’s experience, her knowledge, authority, morality and steadfastness to principles will become the key to a qualitative transformation of the company and give a new breath to the team.”

Head of Supervisory Board of SAGA Development Andrey Vavrysh

Oksana has international and Ukrainian education in investment, finance and public administration. Her experience includes the development and management of large projects in the government, commercial and public sectors. On a volunteer basis, Oksana is a member of the Supervisory Board of the charitable organization Ronald McDonald House Foundation in Ukraine and a member of the Advisory Board of the Tabletochki Foundation.

“Over 5 difficult but successful years on the Ukrainian market, SAGA Development has gained authority and recognition. We deliberately do not participate in traditional ratings, the recognition or criticism of our customers and the public is more important for us. Each of our objects is a mini IPO, where thousands of Ukrainian families and businesses trust us with their money and comfort. Our strategic goal is unchanged - we want to increase our geographical footprint in order to have a significant impact on the format of work and the quality of the product in Ukraine,” says Oksana Voynalovych.

SAGA Development CEO Oksana Voinalovich

According to her, the current scale and planned expansion of the company needs to update the organizational model. SAGA Development is transforming from a group of companies consolidated on the basis of common ownership into a corporate holding company with a common perimeter of economic, legal and physical security, standardized internal regulations and publicity standards.

As part of the corporatization, SAGA will separate the investment, development and service businesses, as well as bring proptech startups into a separate fund. The company is moving to a two-tier management system, creating a Supervisory Board and plans to begin certification of its business processes in the near future.

The Supervisory Board will be headed by SAGA Development co-founder Andriy Vavrysh. At the initial stage, it already includes Sergey Fedorik and Volodymyr Danilenko, the composition of the council will be updated.

Sergey Fedorik - IPMA (Level A), MBA, BREEAM International Assessor, owner of KEY Group engineering company. With his teams, he implemented a number of development projects in Ukraine and abroad. One of the largest is construction in 2016-2020. the $150 million NEPTUNE terminal for Cargill, which was co-financed by the EBRD and IFC. At SAGA, Sergey Fedorik coordinates the Project Office, as well as all services that are directly involved in the implementation of projects.

Andriy Vavrysh and member of the Supervisory Board Sergei Fedorik

Volodymyr Danilenko - until December 2021, Commercial Director of SAGA Development, founder and owner of M4U, an international service with an office in London and partners in Warsaw. Volodymyr has 15 years of experience in the real estate market, including in the field of anti-crisis commercial management. As part of portfolio management, SAGA, together with the M4U team, created the Maxify intelligent dynamic pricing system, analyzing the demand and behavior of customers, manages real estate prices in a fully automatic mode, while increasing the capitalization of projects by 7-30%. As part of the Supervisory Board, Volodymyr coordinates the processes of digital transformation and the development of proptech products.

Member of the Supervisory Board Volodymyr Danilenko

By the beginning of 2022, SAGA has implemented 7 projects with a total area of ​​more than 240 thousand square meters. m. More than 2,000 families have entrusted their comfort to the company. The company's active portfolio as of January 2022 is about 1.5 million square meters. m with a total implementation period of up to 2027.