SAGA Development joined the action “Doctors are our heroes”

Our company joined the all-Ukrainian action «Лікарі — наші герої!» to support medical workers involved in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The initiator of the action was the company Expolight, which in collaboration with the leading developers and active business of Ukraine helps to raise funds for doctors who treat us and need treatment themselves.

To draw attention to the action, Expolight highlights landmarks in Kyiv, Dnipro, and Odessa, just as illuminated buildings support physicians in Paris, Dubai, New York, and Sydney. Among the buildings in Kyiv that joined the action is the CHICAGO Central House residential complex. From today, a big red heart will be beating on the media sculpture of our house — as a sign of gratitude and support of doctors who fight for our health every day and save thousands of patients.

The main message of the image — buildings that protect people inside themselves, become symbols of support for health professionals who are outside. When the vast majority of the population is in quarantine — at home, in safe, our doctors continue to work and risk their lives. Light is a good tool to express general support for doctors, to reach the hearts of as many people as possible and to involve them in fundraising.

About 20% of patients in Ukraine are already doctors. Hospitals need protection, equipment, and infected medical personnel need to be treated. You can make your contribution and help doctors through the platforms and the Anti-Crisis Headquarters

The CHICAGO Central House cube will convert data from these sites into images on the screen in real time. Each contribution made is a new little heart that will be added to the big heart in our media sculpture. There are now more than 6,000 contributions!