New Podil Project is Fully Compliant with Current Legislation

SAGA Development, Perfect Group and Kyiv River Port, which are working on the project of renovation of the territory on Naberezhno-Khreschatytska Street in Podilskyi district of Kyiv, in connection with the publication of Our Money edition and its repeated publication by a number of other publishing houses, consider it necessary to clarify the legal grounds for development of the project of reconstruction of the property complex located on the specified site into a multifunctional complex.

The concept of renovation of the territory of Kyiv River Port into a modern multifunctional district New Podil was developed in full compliance with the current legislation of Ukraine, taking into account the new State Construction Standard DBN B.2.2 - 12:2019 "Planning and Development of the Territory", which came into force last year.

In particular, section 4.16 of the DBN notes expediency of the gradual formation of "multifunctional architectural and planning structures, balanced by the number of residents and places of work, mainly on the basis of pedestrian routes."

Section 6.2.2 of the DBN states that "the public development zone should be formed as a functional and spatial system of centres – multifunctional and specialized, which are organically linked to the social and planning structure of the settlement".

And section 6.2.6 states that "the planning zones public centres, in addition to the institutions and service organizations should also include administrative, business centres, transport infrastructure facilities, and land plots intended for construction of the residential buildings".

Section 6.2.11 defines the structure of the public space of a multifunctional centre, which "is formed on the basis of a single pedestrian zone, which provides interconnection of the centre’s facilities, continuity of pedestrian communications within all components of the complex, convenience of approaches to public transport stops and landscaping of recreational sites."

Spatial concept of the New Podil provides for a balance of various functions – business, commercial, cultural, public, educational, as well as forming pedestrian routs between Naberezhno-Luhova Street and the future public space near the Dnieper due to open areas between the neighbourhoods. The whole territory of the district is designed to be pedestrian and closed from cars, for which the underground parking is provided under each neighbourhood.

The project is being developed in accordance with the intended purpose of the site. Thus, Part 5 of Article 20 of the Land Code of Ukraine states that the types of use of a land plot within a certain category of lands shall be determined by its owner or user independently within the requirements established by the law for the use of the land in this category, taking into account urban planning and land management documentation. The land user shall be entitled to change the type of land use, subject to restrictions.

The land plots on the territory of Kyiv River Port belong to the category of land for residential and public development. Based on the provisions of Part 5 of Article 20 of the Land Code of Ukraine, the use of land plots with the functional purpose "territory of public buildings and structures" for the reconstruction of the property complex into the multifunctional complex fully complies with the current legislation.

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