RESIDENT Concept House will be the first house in Ukraine with decorative anodizing

As soon as Kiev has begun to get used to CHICAGO Central House with its unique media sculpture and architecture in the style of an American city, we are already ready to show the facade of RESIDENT Concept House. It is located on Vladimirskaya Street and will definitely become its decoration. Thanks to the exclusive technology that we have developed for our project, the upper floors of the building are called the "golden cube" and will shimmer in the sun like a jewelry.

Especially for the RESIDENT Concept House, we have combined two finishing technologies. The first of them is the ventilated facade system, we applied it to the main body of the house. Suspended ventilated facades have long established themselves in the construction market and are considered the best in terms of fire safety, sound and heat insulation of premises. Such facades are resistant to moisture, aggressive natural influences, and also comply with environmental standards.

For the upper floors — "golden cube" — we use decorative aluminum anodizing.

The aluminum anodizing process involves creating a strong oxide membrane on its surface. It will protect the material from corrosion, oxidation, aggressive influences for decades and preserve the decorative features of the metal. Due to the complexity and duration of the process, anodized materials are rarely used in Europe, and in Ukraine you will not at all find buildings with such a level finish.

RESIDENT Concept House will be the first building to use this technology. It took us a long time to select the right metal alloy with the right texture. Each finishing element was made individually, as the facade has many facets. The production requires special bending equipment and specialists of appropriate qualifications, who were found only at one enterprise in Ukraine. The installation of anodized aluminum panels is carried out in several stages - after each stage of installation, additional measurements are taken, according to which the panels are manufactured for the next level of work.

“Initially, the project involved the use of aluminum composite panels, which we planned to purchase from Europe. However, it turned out that this material is not flexible enough for our facade, — says Alexander Martynenko, the head of the RESIDENT Concept House project. — Then we decided to use anodized aluminum panels. At the same time, we independently selected the appropriate alloy and texture, together with the technologists of the Brovary Aluminum Plant developed the necessary formula, and after numerous experiments we managed to get exactly the result and the exact shade of gold that we were looking for".

The anodized aluminum “golden cube” will be the highlight of the house. The lower floors will be finished with cream composite and porcelain stoneware from the Italian company Ceramiche Coem.

Now the work on the facade of the RESIDENT Concept House is almost finished. Very soon you will be able to see its façade in all its glory.