Perfect Group, Citex Development and SAGA Development abandoned ART KVARTAL City Space in Odessa

SAGA Development with partners Perfect Group and Citex Development are abandoning the ART KVARTAL City Space project. All investors will be offered real estate in other common projects.

Our mission is to develop cities through a partnership ecosystem. All our projects are an example of modern human-centered architecture that improves the environment, helps create new connections and form a community with the participation of residents of the area. It is from these principles we proceeded when developing the ART KVARTAL City Space project. Unfortunately, for objective reasons, the implementation of our concept turned out to be impossible. Therefore, together with our partners, we decided to exit the project.

All clients who have invested in the construction of ART KVARTAL City Space will be offered real estate in common projects, in particular, the KANDINSKY Odessa Residence. Sales department will contact you individually to discuss the details.