Novy Podil and KYЇVPROEKT City Space entered the rating of projects that in 10 years will change the capital

What will Kiev be like in 10 years? According to our company, it will be the most comfortable city in the world. We have set ourselves such a BHAG and towards which we are confidently moving with each new project.

The fact that we are already changing the appearance of Kiev and creating projects for the future is also indicated by the editorial of Novoe Vremya.

In the new issue Novoe Vremya together with architects, developers and urbanists, compiled a rating of 10 iconic objects of the capital and included in it two projects at once, which we are implementing together with partners of Perfect Group and Kyivproekt Development - Novy Podil and KYЇVPROEKT City Space.

Novoe Vremya noted Novy Podol for our approach to the construction of neighborhoods, rich infrastructure and the main highlight of the area - the 1 km long embankment. The embankment will be open to all comers and will become a favorite place for recreation and walking for guests and residents of the area.

"A good embankment, which will open in Novy Podil, will become an adornment of Kiev," - Dmitry Vasiliev, chief architect of Archimatics, notes in the Novoe Vremya article.

KYЇVPROEKT City Space, which we are reconstructing together with Perfect Group and Kyivproekt Development, will have a positive effect on the appearance of the central part of Kiev, - says the architect Andrey Mirgorodsky, the author of the pedestrian and bicycle crossing over Vladimirskaya Gorka. He also adds that after the reconstruction, the building will acquire a modern look.

Thanks to the editorial of Novoe Vremya for the appreciation of our projects.

We continue to build cities of the future!