The archaeological studies have been completed at Sahaidachny St., 18

Specialists of the Institute of Archaeology of the NAS of Ukraine did not find any objects of cultural heritage at the site.

Archaeological research at Sahaidachny Street, 18 is obligatory prior to the commencement of construction works, since the site is located within the central historical area of ​​Kyiv, in the territory of a monument of archeology of local importance.

During May-December 2018, a group of archaeologists led by Vsevolod Ivakin conducted a comprehensive study of the area: installed wells, conducted stationary excavations, performed vertical stripping of stratigraphic walls and horizontal stripping of areas. Quadrocopter aerial photography, photo- and graphical fixation, and the fixation of objects by tachometer were also carried out.

The site has been repeatedly studied by archaeologists. The first studies were conducted in 1972 during the laying of the Obolon-Teremkovska branch of the underground. Later, in 1991, the study of the foundation of the demolished cinema "Burevisnyk" was conducted. No objects of cultural value were found in the territory.

After the archaeological studies, preparatory work for the construction of the SAGA City Space began. The concept of the project is to create a multifunctional space with coworking, apartments, conference rooms, restaurants and shops.