CHICAGO Central House cube won in LIT Lighting Design Awards 2020

We celebrate a new victory! Our media sculpture at CHICAGO Central House has been recognized in LIT Lighting Design Awards 2020.

Every year, the jury of the competition accepts applications from all over the world and determines the best lighting design projects: street, garden and park, theater lighting, innovative lighting design - there are 47 categories in total, according to which an assessment is given. In 2020, the LIT Lighting Design Awards jury reviewed 350 applications from 43 countries.

We are proud that among all the contenders for the victory in the Interactive Lighting Projects category, the CHICAGO Central House project was recognized as the best. The cube was the first large-scale media sculpture in Europe to digitally reflect the rhythm of the city.

Thanks to our partners from Expolight, with whom we brought the cube project to life, and congratulations on the common award.