SAGA Development invites real estate agents to cooperate

Understanding the value of real estate professionals as opinion leaders and respecting their expertise, we have developed an innovative program of cooperation with real estate agents, which allows certified agencies and professionals to officially offer their customers apartments in SAGA Development residential complexes and receive remuneration for it.

We invite you to join our projects. For this purpose, it is necessary:

  •  leave a request on the company's website in the Contacts section;
  •  sign a contract to agree on the terms of cooperation;
  •  undergo training;
  •  obtain accreditation;
  •  access the online apartment availability database.

After applying for cooperation and signing the contract, the real estate agent will be able to undergo online testing and access to the company's CRM. We accompany real estate agents at all stages of cooperation: we provide information support for our projects, advise on advertising campaigns, help in resolving legal issues. To ensure transparency of the relationship, the customer is fixed on the real estate agent. And after the conclusion of the agreement is a payment of remuneration.