SAGA City Space, RYBALSKY and CHICAGO Central House were included in the rating of “17 best modern buildings in Kiev” according to Bird in Flight

The editors of Bird in Flight magazine asked Ukrainian architects and designers which buildings they consider the best in Kiev and why. Any objects of the capital could be named, the main thing is that they should be built not earlier than 1991. For each mention, the house received 1 point. The editors did not take into account the architects' own projects.

In total, experts named 54 buildings, 17 of which received the largest number of votes and made it to the final. Among the projects of SAGA Development, the rating includes the RYBALSKY residential area, built on the principle of super-quarters, CHICAGO Central House with a unique media sculpture and SAGA City Space by architect Oleg Drozdov.

Commenting on their choice, architects Volodymyr Nepiyvoda and Dmytro Dudchenko called RYBALSKY “the best residential complex in Ukraine” and SAGA City Space “qualitatively fit into the environment of Podil”. Evgenia Vasilovskaya has a similar opinion: "Thanks to the proportions of the facade, the object is very tactfully inscribed in the historical and pseudo-historical buildings."

Sergei Makhno called CHICAGO Central House a "gift to the city", and Dmitry Vasiliev noted the glass cube of the house: "The glass 'vestibule' with an art object inside is a decoration in the intermediate space between the city and the building. Through it, the residential complex became not just a functional object, but something more - a modern symbiosis of digital art and architecture. "

Thanks for the recognition! We will continue to work on the implementation of new, cooler projects!