Andriy Vavrysh: Only the lazy build above the sky

The Ukrainian real estate market has forever turned towards European values, where a person has much more opportunities to choose his living environment. Andrey Vavrysh, CEO of SAGA Development, spoke about this during the IV EE Real Estate Forum on November 26.

In the near future, the main characteristic of a real estate object will be its multifunctionality, which is manifested not in a large set of functions, but in adaptability, the possibility of transition from one function to another. The flexibility of development projects, the ability to adapt them to the needs of residents at any stage of construction and operation, will provide additional value of the property and its sustainability, said Andriy Vavrysh. Modern technologies allow providing such flexibility of the facility that any architect or developer can foresee at the beginning of its implementation.

Today, trends in the real estate market are shaped by the customer. These trends for modern design solutions, for a comfortable environment are dictated by the fact that a large number of customers have visited Europe and, with their own eyes, have seen the best world models of urban planning.

The very concept of comfort is constantly evolving. "The role of dialogue with the city and compromise in the perception of the area balance is growing," said Andriy Vavrysh. – We were convinced of this while working on the project at 18 Sahaidachnoho Str. When we started working on this project, some members of the public opposed it, demanding to create a public space. However, a public opinion poll found that residents of Podil district see the same thing. We just have to talk and listen carefully to each other."

It is not necessary to build up for more profit. Moreover, building up, the developer makes it impossible for himself to increase profits. "It means that we need to construct on a different principle and based on other standards," emphasizes the SAGA Development SEO. – The price of real estate is embedded in its prestige and general recognition of the residents, and as you know, love cannot be forced. "