Andriy Vavrysh: Today we have a chance to move to a new level of relations with the city

On May 28, during a panel discussion organized by URE Club, Andriy Vavrysh spoke about how relations between the city and its residents will change after the pandemic and which residential properties will be most in demand.

The pandemic has shaken many established rules and forced various business segments to reconsider their agendas. Our perception of living space has also undergone transformations during the quarantine period. This will have a significant impact on how the real estate market will develop further. It's not just about new requirements for housing — the need for more space or the presence of public areas in the apartment. The pandemic and quarantine have once again proved the relevance of Habitat III — the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, which are a guideline for the development of comfortable cities.

Over the last 18 months, the number of construction sites in Kyiv has decreased from 277 to 229. During the same period, the structure of demand has fundamentally changed. The number of comfort-class facilities remained almost unchanged — it was 124 and became117. Instead, the economy class has undergone radical changes. Reduction has almost halved — out of 50 projects, 23 remain in a year and a half. That is, even without the impact of the pandemic, the objects hidden behind the concept of "economy" are gradually disappearing.

According to Andriy Vavrysh, today the real estate market focuses on depth, detail, quality. After a pandemic, such dynamics will only gain momentum. There will be a growing demand for expressiveness, for the preservation of cultural heritage — not for the preservation of the existing state, but for the professional, high-quality preservation of objects through eclecticism, combining old and new approaches that are in demand at the moment. There is already a demand from IT companies looking for old buildings for restoration. This trend indicates a positive transformation of the real estate market.

“Today we have a chance to start a new page of urban planning and move to a new level of relations with the city, its inhabitants and each other. I dream that Kyiv will become a standard of urban transformation. It took Barcelona 30 years to do that, but then there was no internet. Maybe we will manage in 10,” — Andriy Vavrysh said.