Yevhen Korobenko: We are ready to change depending on the requests of residents

How to ensure comfortable living for residents and not have competitors in their professional field? The head of the ATMOSFERA management company, Evgeny Korobenko, answered pressing questions about the maintenance of houses.

- The ATMOSFERA management company has been operating for over a year. Tell us, what changes have occurred during this time? Has the number of your services increased?

– ATMOSFERA has been operating since 2017. Currently, the company manages two properties: the NEW YORK Concept House and the commissioned sections of the RYBALSKY.

At the beginning of servicing our first building, we had a basic set of services relevant to the time of occupation: paperwork assistance, the HC creation, apartment repairs and so on. Now, when people already live in the NEW YORK Concept House, they are interested in everyday and even routine services. Our advantage is that we can carry out extra options: we are ready to change depending on the requests of the residents.

Over the past year, our service has increased by 5 services. We provide some of them ourselves. We saw that there was a cleaning request, so we created our ATMOSFERA cleaning service. Now the resident can order a one-time apartment cleaning or to subscribe.

We do the redevelopment and repair, we do the landscape design. If the apartment owner wants to sell or rent it, we have our own real estate department. Now, together with our partners, we are launching a new service: a car concierge.

Over the past year, we have been a true "baptism": tested ideas in practice and gained a lot of experience. There are even more opportunities to prove our customer focus.

– That is, the ATMOSFERA services will vary depending on the facility?

– Of course! Services will vary depending on the needs of residents and the building features. The SAGA Development creates conceptual residential complexes and we are ready to support any idea. If the EINSTEIN Concept House positions itself as a technology project, our functions will be focused on innovative building furnishings, the search for partners in these areas.

Our goal is to provide occupation in the house at the level of a five-star hotel. The mobile app is a convenient platform for implementation of our plans. We will be able to add new services and entrust their implementation to the ATMOSFERA concierge service.

– How many people are involved in the quality management of the facility?

–  The number of specialists depends on the size of the residential complex and its level.

We have a service card for each building. It regulates the list of services and the numbers of staff permanently present at the facility, for example, security, receptionist, cleaning staff, technical staff, etc.

At present, about 40 specialists work at the Atmosphere. By the end of the year, our team will double. The number of companies we engage with will also grow.

– How is the cost of Management Company services formed?

– Management company services are divided into mandatory and additional. The first category includes cleaning public areas and adjoining areas, elevator service, fire safety — around 18 items. Their tariff is already prescribed at the legislative level. We use it when pricing services for a particular facility.

The second type are the additional services that are our innovations. They are paid according to their actual cost.

– How satisfied are the residents of the NEW YORK Concept House with the services of the management company? Do you conduct any surveys?

– In this regard, we constantly have our finger on the pulse.

We have several channels of communication with customers. In the SFERA mobile application, the user can rate our service. For example, after apartment cleaning, he can evaluate the work of the cleaning service by selecting a rating from 1 to 5 points. If we do not see the reaction in the application section, we try to get a feedback through a phone conversation.

The receptionist regularly communicates with the residents. In addition, we receive customer feedback through a Service Manager.

We have a high level of loyalty of our customers, but we strive to increase it: to receive feedback from residents on time and to work out the disadvantages in our work. Even if it was not our mistake.

– How does the ATMOSFERA interact with the residents? What communication methods does it use?

— The best service is unnoticed service, so our main communication channel is the SFERA mobile application. Through push notifications, we can announce scheduled maintenance or tell the latest news about the residential complex. The most common consumer questions will be answered by a personal assistant and, if necessary, by a service provider.

We try to stay in touch when we are needed and do not bother customers unnecessarily. In addition to the telephone line and direct contact with the receptionist, we communicate with customers in messengers.

We do not use outdated communication methods. Posting ads in the lobby or putting postcards is not our format. As an innovative management company, we try not only to meet the needs of the residents in a timely manner and provide quality service in the building maintenance but also show new standards of living.

– What percentage of the residents is covered by these means of communication?

– Four channels of communication cover 100% of the population. 40% use the SFERA app, 25% already pay their bills online. I'm sure this is just the beginning.

– How is the response to residents' requests organized?

– All requests for services that residents leave in the mobile application are included in our ticket system. Performer, manager and execution time are automatically determined. If the manager does not respond in time to the task, it goes to the leader, who appoints another responsible manager. This way we track and respond promptly to every request.

– The ATMOSFERA is an intermediary between consumers and utility providers. What are the benefits for the residents?

– We are the first management company in Kyiv that is the manager of monopolies. At the start-up phase of the facility, we may receive utility bills and transfer them to service providers. And after moving to the building, the apartment owner can sign a direct contract with the monopolists directly at our reception. Residents do not need to queue, just go down to the ground floor of their house. Of course, first of all, this service means an increased comfort and time saving of our customers.

The main advantage of such mediation is that we can connect a mobile app for billing for utilities. When a resident logs in to the application, he binds the payment card and pays for electricity, water and heat in three clicks.

– The adjoining area of the NEW YORK Concept House with playground and recreational area is open to all locals. Does this complicate the work of the management company?

– We support global trends in the urban space accessibility. The open surrounding area, where there are places for relaxation and leisure, is an ideal platform for meeting and forming communities with a large number of social connections, which are often the key to the area security. When the residents know each other, they are more likely to come to the rescue when needed. They trust each other more. The division into "us" and "them" disappears. The stronger the community is, the higher is the level of social control and social responsibility towards each other.

Therefore, we are ready to provide a platform and moderate these communications.

We are in favour of forming good neighbourly relations.

– What security system is used in the building?

– Card access to the building, floors, and outlying parking is currently available at the NEW YORK Concept House. If a resident lives on the 18th floor, he can only get to the level above by having a cross-access.

There is a security post in the facility. According to the rules, its employees should inspect the building perimeter and keep the order through the video surveillance system. Through the SFERA app, the residents also have access to cameras installed on their floors and public areas.

– And what other innovations do you plan to implement in the building maintenance?

– We are currently working on improving our own product, the Smart Mirror. It is installed in the NEW YORK Concept House elevator and is already being used extensively by the residents.

During the trip that takes an average of 8 to 40 seconds, the user can get one useful message: weather of traffic information, announcements of cultural events and more. In the future, thanks to the Smart Mirror, we will be able to make money and thus reduce the cost of services at the facility.

We are implementing a Park-sharing system at the RYBALSKY. It is also our product that will allow a parking slot owner to rent it out and make a profit. Given the RYBALSKY infrastructure and the lack of parking on the Rybalsky Peninsula, a Park-sharing will be in great demand and provide sufficient parking space for the area visitors.

– Are there any management companies that you compete with in the market?

– There are hundreds of management companies in Ukraine. But none of them has yet been able to combine building maintenance, concierge services and mobile application into a single ecosystem.

Our private achievement is the school of management, which we plan to open in the fall. We want to improve the skills of the staff who serve the building. How to communicate with residents and resolve conflict situations, how to implement changes to the facility maintenance, what urban programs exist for the Manager — we have a lot of cases that we are ready to talk about.