What functions does the Manager perform?

The rights of the apartment owner are not limited only by the area of ​​his residential real estate. Together with other residents, he can make decisions about any changes to the building and building surrounding grounds. And they can do this through a special Management Body of the apartment building.

Today, apartment owners can choose one of three forms of home management: the Housing Cooperative (HC) and the Manager (Management Company or individual entrepreneur). If the first two forms are clearer, then the Manager is a relatively new concept in housing and utilities service and needs to be explained in terms of its functional characteristics.

In accordance with the provisions of the Laws forming the basis of housing reform, the Manager ensures the provision of housing and utilities services, which include: the proper maintenance of an apartment building and its surrounding grounds, purchase of electricity for the public areas lighting and elevators operation, as well as the ongoing repair of common property. In addition, it is up to the Manager to communicate with the co-owners in order to resolve important issues for the building.

On this basis, the Manager functions can be divided into two main categories: maintenance and repair, and organizational ones.

Maintenance and repair works include:

  • residential care and the building territory maintenance: by a separate agreement the co-owners can order from the Manager of the courtyard landscaping, the equipment of playgrounds, etc.;
  • repair and maintenance of the proper condition of the building: roofs, facades, attics, entrance doors, stairwells;
  • maintenance of the building engineering systems: the ongoing repair of pipes, lighting systems, ventilation (repair works can be carried out according to the plan or in an emergency order depending on the scale of problems identified);
  • preparation of the building for the heating season (maintenance of serviceability of the heating systems, as well as carrying out repair activities if necessary);
  • regular cleaning of entrance halls, building surrounding grounds, garbage removal and other services that the co-owners can order from the Manager.

The organizational functions of the Management Company are:

  • cooperation with enterprises providing utilities;
  • organization of general meetings of the co-owners.

At meetings, the Manager or his representatives should report to the residents on the current state of joint property maintenance, on the terms of repair activities, as well as inform about the occurrence of emergencies and measures for their elimination. In addition, the current legislation of Ukraine stipulates that the Manager must annually report to the co-owners about the implementation of the budget for the previous year and agree with them the budget for the building maintenance for the next year. From now on, the cost of an apartment building management is contractual: no national or local government can influence the cost of an apartment building maintenance, the cost of these services is contractual and agreed between the co-owners and the Manager. So, co-owners can decide for themselves how much they are willing to pay for the building maintenance and have the option of ordering additional services for a fee.

In turn, the co-owners of an apartment building can not only inform the Manager about problems of utility systems, but also be interested in any issues related to safety, timing and stages of work, as well as other issues related to the building and the surrounding grounds. In addition, the co-owners of an apartment building can initiate the creation of a repair fund and gradually accumulate funds for major repairs, upgrades or the facade insulation.

Today, most Management Companies is a full-time staff who specialize in all kinds of building repair and maintenance. If the Management Company is unable to solve the problem of the residents on its own, it can attract contractors and enter into an agreement with them. For example, the communication services should be handled by qualified organizations, the protection of the surrounding grounds by — special agencies, and the cleaning — by private cleaning companies. Thanks to the work of Managers, the co-owners can make their living in the building really comfortable.