Fresh approach at RYBALSKY: how the boulevard became venue for events

"Life between buildings" — this is exactly how Danish architect Jan Gehl speaks of the need to adapt the street infrastructure to the needs of its residents. We believe that this expression very well describes our vision of the modern area.

Building the RYBALSKY, we not only want to rehabilitate one of Podil's industrial zones, but also to create a quarter full of communication and cultural life on its territory.

There are no hedges or other fences in the project concept. This is an open space where Kyiv citizens and city guests will be able to walk the canal embankment, drink aromatic coffee in a café and meet friends on the green boulevard to go shopping together. By the way, for the latter, the RYBALSKY provides space with a total area of 2500 m² for more than 20 stores.

One of the important steps in creating a multifunctional area is holding public events on the Boulevard. Even now, with the latest work being done before the commissioning of the start-up facilities, life is raging in the RYBALSKY. There have been several major events in its territory over the past year: the RYBALSKY family picnic Spring Eco-Fair, the Girls Party, girls` main event of the RYBALSKY, and the Projector Creative Picnic, each with more than a thousand guests.

We are sure this is only the beginning.

Very soon, the area will be filled with more life and look like a small town: its streets will be occupied by happy residents, children will jump on a trampoline and play on other bars, filling the space with their loud laughter, and guests will gladly be involved in activities that take place regularly on the Boulevard. This is exactly how we see the RYBALSKY, and we are now open to suggestions for the events.

If you have a great idea for a festival, workshop or other event, we are ready to provide you a location in the RYBALSKY.

We are waiting for your applications; they can be left in the section of our website.