We have chosen Ajax Systems for EINSTEIN Concept House safety

The Ajax Systems is a Ukrainian manufacturer of security systems, whose technologies are known in 80 countries, with over 200,000 users. One of the company's principles is a comprehensive approach to security. The brand products include devices for protection of buildings and local areas, emergency sensors: fire and flood; home automation devices: door openers, motion sensors, etc.

We use leading Ajax Systems technologies for the EINSTEIN Concept House to keep the territory, corridors and stairs of the apartment complex under control. Video cameras are installed around the perimeter of the building. There is a security service nearby.

A stranger cannot enter the building. The front door is equipped with fingerprint scanners. Only the magnetic card holders have access to the elevator, stairwell and floors.

Each apartment is also controlled by the Ajax security system. Their function is to immediately notify the security service of unpleasant incidents in the premise.

Residents can be assured that no thieves will get into their apartments. Each apartment has the Hub Plus hubs, the DoorProtect door openers and the MotionProtect motion detectors. Even when the power is turned off, the systems will continue to operate and connect with the Ajax PRO Desktop monitoring console, followed by a 24/7 building security service operator.

If, despite all security measures, unauthorized persons enter the apartment, Ajax will immediately send an alarm to the residents' smartphones and the remote. Elevators and exits from the floor will be blocked within 30 seconds and attackers will have to deal with the security of the residential complex and the police.

The EINSTEIN Concept House is equipped with a centralized fire protection system. It can be supplemented with Ajax FireProtect Plus sensors that respond to smoke, temperature rise and carbon monoxide.

Each apartment is equipped with Ajax LeaksProtect flow sensors. In case of emergency, the security service will remotely shut off the water supply to the apartment, and owners will be notified of leaks.

The sockets of the apartments are equipped with Ajax WallSwitch relays. Residents may not worry about the electric appliance they forgot to turn off. The "Smart Relay" allows you to remotely turn on and turn off the power with the app and control the power consumption.

The standard Ajax kit for the EINSTEIN Concept House apartment includes:

●      The Ajax Hub Plus hub,

●      The Ajax DoorProtect opening sensor,

●      The Ajax MotionProtect motion sensor,

●      The Ajax LeaksProtect leak sensor,

●      The Ajax WallSwitch power relay.

The EINSTEIN Concept House residents can choose the "gadgets" for their apartment: smart sockets, key chains, keyboards to operate the security system. The sensors can be customized to your habits and behaviour. All Ajax system devices are wireless, so they can be installed even after the repair is complete. It only takes a few minutes to connect the equipment.