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The main values ​​of O2 City Village are privacy, environmental friendliness and a healthy lifestyle. Here you adhere to the philosophy of slow living and learn from nature to live in harmony with what surrounds you: with the forest, lake, birds and animals. At O2 City Village you feel like you are part of nature. You do not hide from her behind walls and high fences - just like from your neighbors. You are open to nature and feel it with your heart and mind.

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About O2 City Village

The City Village format already explains a lot about the district and its main feature is the combination of quiet country life and the advantages that developed cities have today.

In O2 City Village, we found the golden mean, so our district will be located among a picturesque forest and at the same time next to the lake and will have all the necessary infrastructure for living, working, relaxing and taking care of your health. O2 City Village is located next to O2 Residence, on the opposite side of the lake, and will become part of O2 LAND.

O2 City Village consists of 16 low-rise buildings with conceptual facades, whose architecture is harmoniously integrated into the natural environment. As in all SAGA Development projects, O2 City Village provides a rich infrastructure, which includes a child development center, a perinatal center, a detox clinic, a SPA center, a restaurant, a greenhouse complex for growing organic vegetables and fruits.

For residents with a car, O2 City Village provides underground parking.


About apartments

O2 City Village has a special approach to housing design. We use the principle of low-rise buildings so that not a single block in the district exceeds the height of trees, so that residents can see the starry sky at night and so that they do not leave the feeling of living in a country house – cozy, modern, full of comfort and harmony.

Each quarter of O2 City Village is 4 floors and 23-24 apartments in total. Thanks to this club format, residents will have a small number of neighbors and maximum peace of mind. Among the layouts are two-, three- and four-room apartments with panoramic windows, which will offer views of the lake and pine trees. For an even greater view of the forest, O2 City Village has apartments with terraces.


Project benefits

One of the key advantages of O2 City Village is the nature that you will see every day from the panoramic windows and terraces of your apartments. This is the peace of mind that you will experience thanks to a small number of neighbors and the knowledge that your like-minded people are near you.

O2 City Village provides all the necessary infrastructure – you do not need to travel outside your area and spend time on the road to solve your business. On the territory of the houses there will be shops, children’s institutions, a sports club, a clinic, pharmacies, beauty salons.

By choosing O2 City Village, you are choosing the Slow Living philosophy. You don’t have to rush – everything you need is right next to you.


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