Perfect Group

The SAGA Development has clear criteria when choosing partners: expert knowledge in the development field, focus on human-centric architecture, use of high standards of construction. The Perfect Group, a company with 30-years work experience and rich project portfolio, meets precisely such requirements.


Available public space and qualitative improvement of an adjustment territory are compulsory elements of the SAGA Development projects. To develop and implement the landscape design projects we cooperate with the Kotsiuba Studio, a company, which is close to us on the principle of its work with regard to an issue that a human should be comfortable in a city space.


It is a team of architects and designers, who improve the Ukrainian cities. The company is occupied with design of the residential buildings, develops a concept of renovation of former industrial territories and is engaged in a large-scaled city design.

Terra Project

Digitalization of the processes and use of the BIM-modelling in construction is very important for us, thus, we cooperate with the Terra Project, a project organization using modern technologies and innovation approaches in designing of a city space.

Architecture bureau Zotov&Co

ZOTOV&CO is an architectural bureau whose works are known not only in Ukraine but also abroad. For over 15 years, the company has been designing residential complexes and public spaces, renovating cultural centers and developing interior design.


M4U is an innovators team that specializes in automating processes within the company, knows everything about the system of external and internal analytics and knows how to increase the value of a product on the market.

Architectural Prescription

Architectural Prescription is an architectural studio founded in 2015 by Grisha Zotov. The company, headquartered in Amsterdam, develops architectural concepts for buildings and urban space design.


It is an architect bureau with a 20-year work experience and more than 200 commissioned facilities. The projects of the Drozdov&Partners are well-known both in Ukraine and South Korea, in Switzerland, in the USA, Latvia, Austria. To order of the SAGA Development the architects developed the SAGA City Space concept and the CHICAGO Central House flagship facility.


Soda Digital Advertising Group is a group of companies specializing in providing digital services to developers, hotel and restaurant business, dental business and niche e-commerce, and includes 2 agencies – SODA Performance (Google Adwords, Targeted Advertising Facebook / Instagram, Media Buying) and SODA Communications (SMM, ORM and forums, communication strategy).

Citex Development

It is a young company having already shown itself in the real estate marking and working on implementation of ambitious projects.

Borodkin Architects

Borodkin is an architect company being engaged in a full cycle of the construction designing, reconstruction and restoration of the building with different intended purposes. Such complex approach to rendering services and a long-term work experience become our key criteria for partnership.