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Projects CHICAGO Central House

Kyiv, 44, Antonovycha str.

The CHICAGO Central House is located at the junction of the central streets of the capital – Antonovycha and Zhylianska streets. This is enough in order to opt for the best option for your business. Commercial premises with the total space of more than 5000 m2 are clearly divided into segments; restaurants, shops, offices. 

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Projects ANDRIYIVSKY City Space

Kyiv, st. Andreevskaya, 22

(中文) 等待,快使用了! “合同广场”地铁站 安德里夫斯基街,22号

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Projects KYЇVPROEKT City Space

Kyiv, Bogdan Khmelnitsky Street, 16-22

(中文) 舒适等级的房子,靠近“德米耶夫斯卡”地铁站。 “德米耶夫斯卡”地铁站 基辅,瓦莱里·洛巴诺夫斯基大道,146-Б号

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Projects BOSTON Creative House

Bandera Avenue, 14B

Our goal is to create a thoughtful ecosystem for work and life at BOSTON Creative House. We make a careful selection of future commercial property owners, seeking to make their neighborhood as mutually beneficial as possible.

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Projects RESIDENT Concept House

Kiev, 86А, Volodymyrska Str.

Do you have special demands for choosing commercial real estate? Then you should look through the propositions of the RESIDENT Concept House. Its advantages include: spacious premises with the necessary technical equipment, location in the business centre of the capital and on the cosy Volodymyrska street at the same time. Your neighbours will be the leading companies that have also chosen the best option for their work.

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Projects WASHINGTON Concept House

Kiev, 12, Laboratorna Str.

In the WASHINGTON Concept House, the first three storeys will be occupied with non-residential premises, so apartment owners, residents of neighbouring buildings and Pecherskyi district will be able to use the services of the companies which will be opened in our residential complex.

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Projects PHILADELPHIA Concept House

Kiev, 19, Klovskyi Descent

Commercial real estate in the Philadelphia Residential Complex are a separate part of the building with mirrored facades and floor-to-ceiling windows. Such architectural solution visually increases the space and fills the interior with natural light.

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Projects FRANKLIN Concept House

Kiev, 69, Honchara Str.

For commercial activities, the building has 5 first floors. This can be your company’s office, your shop, or here you can open your own restaurant. Each of the premises answers all the requirements of the future owner: communications are thought out and a sufficient amount of electricity is taken into account for a food establishment, a convenient layout for stores and a large showcase are designed.

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Projects SAGA City Space


(Русский) При разработке концепции проекта мы учли все особенности Подола и создаем объект, который станет новой точкой притяжения для жителей и гостей столицы. На первых этажах домах запроектированы коммерческие помещения для офисов, коворкинга, магазина, ресторана и кафе.

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Projects O2 Residence

Kiev, 22 km of Kharkivska Highway

Commercial real estate will be represented by five key areas: cafes and restaurants, shopping, health and beauty, education, services.

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Projects SAN FRANCISCO Creative House

Kiev, 67, Peremohy Avenue

Тhe residential complex which has already been chosen by the leading companies of the city: Mainstream School, ProCredit Bank. Eight floors are designed for commercial premises of the building: two floors will be occupied by cafes, restaurants and shops with facade storefronts, top floors are designed for the offices. 

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Projects Happy House

Kiev, 72, Peremohy Avenue

“Everything for family happiness” is the concept of the Happy House, which we also follow in the process of designing commercial real estate. We offer the premises for the children’s development centre, family cafe and family clinic, mama-hub and strip centres. If you specialize in one of these segments, you will be near your target audience in the Happy House. 

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Projects EINSTEIN Concept House

Kiev, 22, Zlatoustivska Str.

(中文) 快乐之家-为家庭幸福而创建的住宅区。 “布雷斯特伊斯卡”地铁站 基辅,胜利大道,72号

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Projects HOME & PARK Comfort House

Boryspil, 14, Bezhivka Str.

高科技住宅,其中创新的解决方案可为居民带来最大的舒适度。 “大学”地铁站 基辅,兹拉托乌斯特街,22号

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Projects NEW YORK Concept House

Kiev, 74, Antonovycha Str.

为年轻家庭和有孩子的家庭提供舒适生活所需的一切。 “鲍里斯波尔”地铁站 鲍里斯波尔,别日副卡街,14号

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Projects BRISTOL Comfort House

Kiev, 146-Б, Valeriia Lobanovskoho Avenue

(中文) 首都中心的一所房子,体现了美国人的生活质量。 “乌克兰宫”地铁站 基辅,安东诺维奇街,74号

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