SFERA: mobile application

Photo 1 SFERA: mobile application

Possibilities of SFERA mobile application


  • Control over the construction progress
  • Order for architectural re-planning of apartment
  • Order for repair
  • Order for moving into an apartment
  • Utility services payment
  • Permanent updating of the information about services rendered
  • Online-access to the cameras on the adjacent territory
  • Application for lease and sale of the apartment
  • Placement, discussion and adoption of the decision with regard to the initiative of the residents of the building
  • Order for maintenance personnel
Photo 2 SFERA: mobile application

Key benefits of the ecosystem created by ATMOSFERA

  • Each co-owner may manage the building from his smartphone, laptop or computer
  • Each month the residence gets report with regard to the used funds
  • Service desk, user account of a resident and concierge service works online 24/7
  • 24-hour video surveillance and security, personal digital pass cards system and individual access to the elevator


Additional services of the ATMOSFERA Company

  • Preparation of the apartment for transfer to the owner: technical reception of the premises, cleaning, garbage removal
  • Work with the documents: preparation of the documents for registration of ownership, assistance with the official state registration
  • Full range of renovation works
  • Real estate management: purchase, sale rent