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Commercial real estate at BOSTON Creative House: shops, restaurants, coworking

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SAGA Rent by SAGA Development

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Commercial premises in Happy House are the best location for your business

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SAGA Development has launched a chatbot to participate in tenders

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PHILADELPHIA Concept House: last apartments for sale

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When your apartment is an art masterpiece

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The forest in your home: the start of the sale of apartments with their own courtyards

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We develop cities based on the ecosystem of partnership.

Andrii Vavrysh

Founder of SAGA Development

Our personal residential space is not limited only to the apartment. We have to feel confident in the yard, on the street, in the city. To create a comfortable environment for all citizens of the city – this is our main goal.

Andrey Vavrysh

Kiev, 3, 9, Naberezhno-Rybalska road

The cutting-edge residential neighbourhood on the peninsula near the Dnipro.

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Projects New Podil

Kiev, 14 Naberezhno-Khreschatytska street

Novy Podil is a new multifunctional district near the Dnieper, which will become an organic continuation of Podil.

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Projects О2 City Village

Kyiv, Kharkivske highway, 22 km

O2 City Village is a new district that combines a quiet life among the forest and the comfort of a thoughtful residential area.

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Projects ANDRIYIVSKY City Space

Kyiv, st. Naberezhno-Khreschatytska, 9

New club format house, located in the central part of Kyiv and the historical Podil. It will unite residents with the same aesthetic preferences and ideas about modern architecture.

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Projects KYЇVPROEKT City Space

Kyiv, Bogdan Khmelnitsky Street, 16-22

The building, in which the capital's landmarks were created, the most talented architects worked and the most progressive ideas were born. Today begins its new history, which will inspire Kyiv for the next 100 years.

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Projects CHICAGO Central House

Kyiv, 44, Antonovycha str.

The top-of-the-line building, located at the intersection of the historic centre of Kyiv and

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Projects BOSTON Creative House

Bandera Avenue, 14B

Next to the Pochayna metro station, we will create the BOSTON Creative House - complex for those who choose a high quality of life.

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Projects RESIDENT Concept House

Kiev, 86А, Volodymyrska Str.

The exquisite low-rise block, located in the historic city centre on Volodymyrska Street.

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Projects WASHINGTON Concept House

Kiev, 12, Laboratorna Str.

One of the first buildings in Ukraine with dynamic facade.

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Projects PHILADELPHIA Concept House

Kiev, 19, Klovskyi Descent

The building with bold contemporary architecture, located at the very heart of Pechersk.

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Projects FRANKLIN Concept House

Kiev, 69, Honchara Str.

In the centre of the capital, near Peremohy Square, we are constructing the first five-star building in Kyiv.

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Projects SAGA City Space


The building in the pedestrian part of the Old City, which will fill Podil with new meanings.

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Projects O2 Residence

Kiev, 22 km of Kharkivska Highway

Not far from Kyiv, in the majestic forest, we are creating a vivid concept of a happy life – living in harmony with nature.

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Projects SAN FRANCISCO Creative House

Kiev, 67, Peremohy Avenue

The comfort-class building, located near the underground station on Peremohy Avenue.

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Projects Happy House

Kiev, 72, Peremohy Avenue

Happy House is a residential complex designed for family happiness.

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Projects EINSTEIN Concept House

Kiev, 22, Zlatoustivska Str.

The high-tech building where innovative solutions create maximum comfort for its residents.

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Projects HOME & PARK Comfort House

Boryspil, 14, Bezhivka Str.

The building equipped with everything you need for a comfortable life for young families and families with children.

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Projects NEW YORK Concept House

Kiev, 74, Antonovycha Str.

The building at the very heart of the capital, which embodies American quality of life.

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Projects BRISTOL Comfort House

Kiev, 146-Б, Valeriia Lobanovskoho Avenue

The comfort-class building with a convenient location near the metro station "Demievskaya".

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  • value icon

    Music turn to stone

    We thoroughly implement ideas that are ahead of time and we create unique spaces for life that will serve generations.

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    Talent synergy

    Ambitious goals inspire our team, fill us with energy and make us stronger.

  • value icon

    Zoom in / Zoom out

    Big is seen at a distance, and important aspects at maximum approximation.

  • value icon

    Human centricity

    We create new life scenarios, taking into account how people feel, what they think, what they strive for and what they dream of.

  • value icon

    Stood up, furnished and kept move on

    We perceive any failure as a problem requiring an operational solution - we correct and move on.

  • value icon

    Speed up and adapt

    Leadership is a continuous struggle for rapid development and adaptation to constantly changing conditions.

  • value icon

    Creating trends

    As a catalyst for change, we are not afraid to take responsibility for them.

  • value icon

    Believe in our product

    Everything that we create is filled with values ​​that we profess ourselves.

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    Who pay while we inactive?

    Standing still is too expensive, so we have constantly develop, improve and move forward.

  • value icon

    Perfection in details

    Comprehensively thought out concepts require thorough implementation from us.

  • value icon

    Servant leadership

    Our path is to serve our customers, team and community.


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          О2 Residence. Aero flight, june, 2021
            Aeroflight ANDRIYIVSKY City Space
              Advantages of BOSTON Creative House
                Aeroflight KYЇVPROEKT City Space
                  Video presentation of the ANDRIYIVSKY City Space project
                    Air flight of the RESIDENT Concept House


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